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See what's driving the business news agenda tomorrow.

Simon English, Senior City Correspondent, for the Evening Standard, brings you a unique insight into the news that will keep on rolling, questions business desks will be asking tomorrow and press releases that get attention.

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24/05/17 - A bad day to call about the lawnmower industry

23/05/17 - A period of silence from you would be welcome

22/05/17 - How a hack does (not) work

18/05/17 - These twits are no longer so important

17/05/17 - He whom the Gods wish to destroy they make news editor

16/05/17 - The advantage of calling a spade a spade

15/05/17 - Press releases that score - less can be more

11/05/17 - A press release from Rupert and Jemimah

10/05/17 - Here is the news: no, you can't change my headline

09/05/17 - Exert some energy to win this power struggle

08/05/17 - If you hold the fish too tightly it will flop right out

04/05/17 - A monumental pain in the posterior

03/05/17 - Answer the phone for God's sake, part II

02/05/17 - Answer the phone for God's sake

27/04/17 - A speech to the committee in charge of being boring

26/04/17 - Remembering what you want us to forget 

25/04/17 - Is Conn job on line as Centrica hits out?

24/04/17 - Time for tech titans to beef up their PR

20/04/17 - Funny name fun: press you don't wan

19/04/17 - Funny name fun: press you don't want

18/04/17 - Elect to tell us something we don't know

13/04/17 - Beware of the slow news day

12/04/17 - Shock libel news: we are on the same side

11/04/17 - The chief executive who couldn't care less

10/04/17 - The whistle-blower is mad - and sometimes correct

06/04/17 - Cut the jargon

05/04/17 - Get the picture. Part II

04/04/17 - Get the picture. And get in the paper

03/04/17 - A very quiet coup

30/03/17 - Getting the Sunday blues

29/03/17 - Reading (and writing) the markets

28/03/17 - BT gets a biffing

27/03/17 - Good bloke PR

23/03/17 - Wrong day to be a salesman

22/03/17 - PRs - the new bankers?

21/03/17 - Googling for help

20/03/17 - London 1, New York 0

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Tomorrow's Business

27/07/17 - The day from hell/hamsters on a wheel

26/07/17 - I know your boss! Part II

25/07/17 - I know your boss! And other pointless threats

24/07/17 - A pain for us, a (potential) result for you

20/07/17 - For whom the Bell tolls

19/07/17 - How American bankers ruined August

18/07/17 - Sexism in the City and what to do about it

17/07/17 - A banker with a point about the press

13/07/17 - The lure of the float fee

12/07/17 - Getting the numbers right

11/07/17 - Hacks and flaks should be on the same page for once

10/07/17 - Chewing the Carillion carcass

06/07/17 - Best to leave the crass insensitivity to us

05/07/17 - A good way to wind us up: ask us to work for free

04/07/17 - Mike Ashley: business hero, PR genius?

03/07/17 - Why anniversaries are to be celebrated by hacks and flaks

29/06/17 - Save your clients from themselves

28/06/17 - Time for CEOs to be outspoken on Brexit

27/06/17 - Don't be too careful what you say. Do be careful to whom you say it

26/06/17 - It's a good PR stunt. Sadly, we're on to it now

22/06/17 - Hacks v flaks: we win this one, definitely

21/06/17 - Financial news gets snarky

20/06/17 - Loyalty in the City: guess what, there isn't any

19/06/17 - The oldies are the goodies

15/06/17 - Jargon busting, part 983

14/06/17 - Disaster PR in the age of social media

13/06/17 - What to learn from the May debacle, part II

12/06/17 - What chief executives can learn from May's debacle

08/06/17 - A result from the chancers awards - you just lost

07/06/17 - You don't do politics, but we have got to

06/06/17 - Probably the best PR stunt in the world

05/06/17 - How the flak trade can be part of the fight back

01/06/17 - A pain killer: Don't just read your own press

31/05/17 - Opportunity knocks for the flak with flair

30/05/17 - Bleedin' Awful press

25/05/17 - Keep press out of bank and bank out of press

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