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09th January 2019

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MSCI Women on Boards Research - Progress slips on 2029

Find attached the latest Women on Boards report from MSCI, assessing gender equality on company boards, in terms of representation and remuneration.

Top lines from the 2018 update of the report, which has been running since 2014, are as follows:

  • MSCI’s projections of how long it could take to reach 30% female representation have increased - At current trends, the 30% tipping point will not be reached until 2029 despite the increase in global focus and advocacy in recent years. This is two years later than projected in 2015.
  • Directorships held by women increased to 17.9%, from 17.3% in 2017 at MSCI All Country World Index companies as of October 16, 2018.
  • Over a fifth of the 2,694 MSCI ACWI Index companies still had all male boards and nearly all still had majority male boards. Only 11 companies had boards that were majority female (up from seven in 2017), with another 32 divided exactly 50-50 (up from 21)
  • Among Developed Market companies, women held 21.6% of all directorships (up from 20.4%), Women held 11.2% of board seats at MSCI Emerging Markets Index companies (up from 10.2%)
  • Increased female representation at the CEO level continues to be very slow, and has even gone slightly backwards in 2018, in Developed Markets. Of the 99 firms with a female CEO, 26 were American, with China (17), the UK (8) and Australia (6), accounting for much of the rest.
  • However, progress in CFO positions is much more encouraging, with a few unexpected bright spots including Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China.